• BLACK Package- BEGINNER (Lessons 3 thru 5)
  • SILVER Package NOVICE - (Lessons 1 thru 5) 
  • GOLD Package-INTERMEDIATE - (Lessons 6 thru 10)
  • PLATINUM Package- INTERMEDIATE (Lessons 11 thru 15)
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    1st Visit - Swing/Bunt Evaluation Session

    After an initial discussion with both parent and student, I start every new student with an evaluation session to analyze and diagnose their current swing and bunt (sacrifice; drag and slap if applicable) mechanics.  I am evaluating each player's strengths and weaknesses according to their current bunting/hitting techniques.

    We will discuss in detail what a student does well currently, help in correcting flaws by giving some suggestions with what needs improvement and why (some students need help with their stance, some need help with their hands/positioning, timing, pitch recognition, some need a different bat, etc.), and discuss how I can help the parent/student set and reach realistic goals in a timely manner.  The student will receive a paper copy of their swing/bunt evaluation, along with a (possible) lesson recommendation to take with them with this option.

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    1st Visit - Video Analysis Swing/Bunt Evaluation Session

    During a one-time 1 hour session, I will and analyze the student(s) current swing and bunt techniques through the Right View Pro software/video system.  I will video record swing clips throughout the session and review them together to help the student visually understand exactly what is transpiring during their swing and for comparative purposes or with other properly executed swings.  This can be especially helpful to both the parent and student as a baseline if future lessons are purchased.  The student will receive a paper copy of their swing/bunt evaluation, along with a (possible) lesson recommendation to take with them, plus a DVD (w/case) copy of their recorded swings/bunts with this option.

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    Hitting Lesson Packages/Options

    For students needing more comprehensive instruction, I offer (5) different discounted (pre-paid) 5 (or 8) lesson packages (Beginner = Black Package; Novice = Silver Package; Intermediate = Gold Package; Advanced = Platinum Package; Bunting and Slapping ONLY = Diamond Package) that will stress the combination of these concepts: basic mechanics, instruction, drills, safe equipment use, computer video analysis, plus many other fine points of hitting.  Your level to start at depends upon your 1st visit/evaluation results, current talent level and overall softball experience.

    Usually, the order of lessons in which we work on is just as important as the lesson itself, as I use the “building block” theory to teaching hitting mechanics.

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